Quality Assurance

ASWT and its team members have a solid history of success in providing responsiveness to and cooperation with customers based on an operating philosophy which ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business. Our broad qualifications in the functional areas provide us with the depth and breadth of resources to coordinate immediate, quality support in response to any tasking. We achieve our success in meeting customer needs by focusing on multiple fronts: team PM interface, site visits, coordination with customer key leaders, secure web-portals, a network of current assets and sources for new assets, and a work culture built around a sense of urgency. Our experience has enabled us to streamline our processes for determining specific customer needs, surveying available assets to provide immediate support if required and rapidly activating a broad search program for additional resources, to include customer recommendations. The ASWT PM will visit each major customer not less than annually for face-to-face discussions with our employees and the Government POCs. The focus of this visit is to verify we are meeting the requirements of the task order, the needs of the customer and the employees, and resolve any problems not previously discussed or resolved.

The ASWT Team will quickly identify and resolve any problems arising during the conduct of this program. We expect problems to be minimal and resolution swift. The team members providing direct support on a specific task will take the lead resolving requirement issues with the Government. The ASWT PM will intervene when the Government and team member cannot achieve resolution, especially time sensitive issues. Should the ASWT PM be unable to broker a solution, he will immediately refer the discussion to the ASWT COO for final adjudication. The COO will apprise the President, ASWT of his decisions. The ASWT Team IPT will deliberate and resolve non-time sensitive issues affecting strategy and processes at their quarterly sessions.

The ASWT PM will carefully monitor potential Organization Conflicts of Interest (OCI) issues relating to ASWT and its team members. The Management Team will consider OCI as one of its decision markers in making a “Bid/No Bid” decision, ensuring the final team has no OCI issues. When OCI concerns exist, the ASWT PM will address them with the PCO and other appropriate Government personnel.

ASWT has formed a dynamic, professionally competent team comprised of high quality large and small businesses having long standing relationships among our team members and a track record that demonstrates an enormous potential. The Team will provide outstanding Information Technology, Engineering, Technical and Programmatic support services while realizing cost savings through innovation, flexibility, agility and customer responsiveness nationwide. We look forward to the opportunity to help bring the Navy and DOD into the future of the NCES through the Seaport-e contract.